Friday, September 27, 2013

Her Reading Habit

Of my three kids, one is definitely a bookworm. He would read anything, anytime, anywhere.

Another enjoys books selectively and would happily trade it for other forms of entertainment. He is the kind who would literally drop the book at the suggestion of a game, treat or outing. Even for a cuddle.

As for the toddler, she started out loving books as much as her siblings, all thanks to our zealous reading habits. But sometime in the last year or so, books have become the least interesting things on Earth to her. I blame this change largely on the introduction of the iPad and phone for online games and Youtube videos, as well as a fast growing collection of new DVDs specially for the princess.

Sometimes, I get ahead of myself and worry a little too much for the youngest. What if she doesn't love books as much as I hope she would? What if she doesn't like to read at all?

So I do have to make a BIG effort to ensure that we do as much reading as possible during the day before daddy gets home.

Occasionally, I get GEMS like these which deserve special mention on the blog, so I could look back in a few years when she was a well-read young lady, and laugh at my own silliness. :)

(Photos taken in Aug/Sept 2013)

We did have some excellent days during which we read over 20 books, but also not-so-good days when we did not even get near a book.

Overall, I got to admit that I am so much more relaxed in so many ways about achieving (or exceeding) developmental milestones with this kid, partly because on most days, there just aren't enough hours to go around for me to do what I would love to do with the kid. Poor baby!

Well, we will get there eventually.

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