Friday, December 20, 2013

Random Chatters of the 27-month-old

O: Mummy, wake up! Wake up! I am hungry. I need my breakfast now.
Mum: Ok, just 5 more minutes....  (trying to go back to sleep)
O: No 5 more minutes. Wake up! I need cuddles. I need to go outside to see the boys. Mummy, open your eyes. Mummy, look at me. Mummy....

O: Can I have some yogurt after breakfast please?
Mum: (distracted by something else, hence keeping quiet)
O: Yes? OK, Yeah!!!  (claps)

O: Can you open the windows so fresh air can come in please?
Mum: Which window do you want me to open?
O: That nice one. (pointing to the one closest to the Xmas tree)
Mum: Can you open the window yourself?
O: No, I cannot.
Mum: Why not?
O: Because I am not big enough.

O: Did you just come back from the supermarket? Did you buy me some oranges?
Mum: Um.. I did go to the supermarket, but I forgot the oranges.
O: You will have to go back later to buy some for me. Okay?

O: Are you cooking lunch for me?
Mum: Yes, it will be ready in a few minutes.
O: What are you cooking? It smells very nice. I am so hungry now.
Mum: It is almost ready.
O: Is my lunch ready? I have been waiting. I am still waiting for my lunch, mama.

Mum: Who is super cute?
O: You! Um... wait, you and me. Both of us are super cute!
Mum: Who else is cute?
O: Nic-ness and Marcus are cute.
Mum: Anyone else? What about papa?
O: Um.. no....

O: Can you pour me some milk please?
Mum: You have to finish your water first.
O: (After taking a very small sip)  I have drunk my water, now can you pour me milk please?
Mum: There is still water in your cup. Finish it first.
O: But I am too full to drink any more water.
Mum: Then you will be too full to drink any more milk.
O: But... but.... but ... this is not fair!

O: Mama, are you drinking coffee?
Mum: Yes
O: Do you like coffee?
Mum: Yes
O: Do you like milk?
Mum: Umm... sometimes I do.
O: I only like milk. I don't like coffee.
Mum: Babies can't drink coffee anyway.
O: Why can't babies drink coffee?
Mum: Because coffee has caffeine in it and it is bad for you.
O: But mama can drink coffee and caffeine is good for mama?  (wahahaha.... )

O: Mama, you know something? Elephants cannot fly, you know?
Mum: Why can't they fly?
O: Because they have no wings!
Mum: Oh I see. So what animals can fly?
O: Birds can fly. Butterflies can fly too.
Mum: How come they can fly?
O: Because they have wings!
Mum: What about aeroplanes? Can they fly?
O: Umm.. yes, they can fly. Um... because they have wings too!

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