Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Toddler Asks

My 26-month-old got me all excited this week. Looks like she is beginning to think the way I like her to.

Some questions were asked when we were discussing something. Other times, the questions came out of the blue, a sign that she was listening to and reflected on what I said months or weeks before.

For instance, just last night, while waiting for me to start her bedtime routine, she asked, "does the joey also have a pouch?"

She must have thought of what I said days ago about the marsupials.

At dinner, when the boys were exchanging a sunburnt penguin joke from the How to Train a Dragon series, she interrupted with  "are penguins birds? Can penguins fly? Where are their wings?"

When we were out for a stroll after dinner and she saw a dog sniffing the ground and grass. She asked if the dog would like to eat grass.

I love her curiosity and keen observation. My cute little muffin. Mama is very impressed.

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