Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Craft: The Green Boa Constrictor

I have done this so many times in the past few years with the boys and kids in the lapbooking classes, using slight variations of the same activity to achieve different learning objectives. 

Of course my little Bun Bun must have a go at it as well. This is one of her lapbooking activities. 

Yes, we have started lapbooking and having lots of fun while learning heaps! 

Other than drawing and cutting out the snake and the small circular/oval/flower shapes, I showed her a sample of what to do and after that, it was a matter following my instructions and get going. She managed to complete 90% of snake all by herself in one sitting of nearly 30 min. Impressive focus for a 23 months old. 

I think she did an amazing job, both in the finished product and the learning process. She must be a perfectionist at heart!

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