Friday, August 23, 2013

Little Miss Bossy

@ 23 months.

From the babbling tot....

Mama, can you pour me a cup of milk please?

I am not happy. I want to go and play.

Are you ready, mama? I am still waiting for you.

Stop looking at the papers. Put the papers down. Hey, I am talking to you!

I am hungry. I need to eat breakfast now. Quick, quick, let's go!

Am I eating sweet potatoes for lunch, am I? 

Why is the cheeky bird looking at me? (with an amused chuckle)

I love my clothes. I am going to look in the mirror now.

Where are my Kitty socks? I need to go playground now.

Wait for me. I cannot do this now. I am still busy playing.

Shall we go collect boys now? Let me put on my shoes first. 

Mama, shall we go to the shops and buy more oranges? There is no more left for me.


Anonymous said...

Oliver is speaking very very well. So fluent in complete sentences.

Kudos to your efforts to communicate with her properly :)

Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks Jovin.


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