Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Week of Groceries

I chanced upon this link that shows photographs of what a week of groceries looks like in different countries. It's fascinating!

As I learn more about nutrition over the years, I have become even more conscious of what I choose to feed my family. It is safe to say that unprocessed and fresh produce account for over 90% of my groceries.

But the husband pops into the supermarkets several times a week too, and his shopping habits are unfortunately heavily influenced by his previous lifestyle in the U.K. He still seeks out the familiar brands of convenience and highly processed food that he grew up on. Despite my protests, such food would constantly appear in our kitchen and my kids' plates more often than I like.

While I am tempted to take a photo of my own household's weekly groceries just for fun and to satisfy my own curiosity, it is simply not as easy to do (at least for now). One day, maybe when I have more time to kill, I would.....

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