Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kitty Madness

Ever since I started shopping for Bunny (which was when she was still 'baking' in me), I made the conscious effort to avoid buying anything with the Hello Kitty picture or logo. It seems so predictable. Little girls around me are all donning the 'Kitty' from head to toe. So nope, my baby girl shall be different. She was simply not acquainted with the famous Kitty, so there is not an ounce of desire in her to be associated with it.

Then along came the doting Grandma.... who brought an adorable blue stripey Hello Kitty dress as one of the countless presents for the princess when she came visiting in May this year. The dress was kept out of the toddler's sight because it was a little too big for her then.

Two months later, when it finally made its appearance in front of the toddler, it was definitely LOVE at first sight!

She couldn't wear it enough! She wanted to wear it everyday. From morning to night. She wanted to sleep in it.

After lengthy coaxing, she finally allowed me to take it off her to have it washed. The moment it was hung up to dry, she would stand in front of the damp dress to admire the Kitty. 'Mei Mei can wear Kitty again when it is dry?' she would ask pleadingly.

So there, the love affair begins....

Now, she owns a neat collection: a small Kitty softie to cuddle to sleep, Kitty socks, Kitty toy house, cup, toy microphone and another dress for her birthday.

Weeks before her birthday, whenever I headed out on my own, she would tell her daddy that mummy went out to buy her Kitty shoes and earrings! Hahaha....

The shoes may be a possibility, provided I find something of good quality. But the earrings will have to wait.

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