Thursday, July 18, 2013

22 Months Chatterbox

At 22 months, my little toddler is a super adorable chatterbox.

A quick list of the kind of speech we hear around the house in a typical day.

Shall we go outside and eat breakfast? 

I didn't do it! It's not me! (shake her head) 

What about me? What about Bun Bun? I want some too. 

Mei Mei loves to eat watermelon. Mei Mei wants some melon please. 

What happened to the cat? Where did it go? Oh I see it. There it is!

Where does this come from? 

I don't know where it has gone? 

Where are the boys? Oh, they are not here!

Bun Bun wants to play toys with mama. Mummy, let's go play toys.

This belongs to Bun Bun. That one belongs to you. 

I want to draw some more now. I need to get new paper from study, mama. 

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