Friday, February 1, 2013

Trio @ CNY 2013

You know what it is like when you try hard to take a 'good' photo of a bunch of kids.

After numerous 'enough monkey faces!', 'just smile naturally!', 'look here!', 'no lying down!' etc, we finally got this ....

Not bad, we thought. At least all of them were looking at the camera and only one 'performing'. 

 But, of course, we always wanted JUST ONE MORE SHOT. And in that split second, the monkey faces and antics returned!

These photos were taken on CNY 2013. Kids in their new pajamas, except for O, who unfortunately couldn't wear hers which was just way too big for her (my bad - bought 18 - 24 mth by mistake and forgot to check till eve of CNY).

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