Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Afternoon Busy Bee

Proudly showing off the Devastator to me after spending some time converting the transformer according to the instructions. Just looking at the instructions give me a headache. I am glad he is happy to figure it out by himself.

The 6-year-old may be in Primary 1, but he is usually very free after school.

Since he doesn't go to any tuition class and there is no homework from school, he spends virtually all his after-school hours on play and activities of his own choice. Some days when I can find the time (i.e. when the tot is napping and there aren't more urgent chores to attend to) and/or I can keep her occupied on her own, I may sit him down for 30 min of revision and introduction of more advanced materials. Even when I do so, he still has plenty of free time each day to explore and create.

He spends a lot of time drawing, reading and creating games of all sorts. He makes up rules for his games and pesters his reluctant brother to play with him, who normally prefers to be left alone than to participate in another game of his. Very often he will also rummage through my box of craft materials or whatever recyclable materials he can find in the house and turn them into another of his wacky creations. Some are simple ideas, others offer glimpses into his fascinating mind.

Looking at his carefree days, I am just glad that he has a strong enough academic foundation, so he can afford all this time relaxing and indulging now.

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Anonymous said...

u have amazing kids


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