Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Role Models

Photo taken: Feb 2013

The moment she was allowed to move the green chair around, she pushed it straight to the keyboard and started playing away.

Lately, this is one of the first few things she does every morning. Usually she stays on it for a good 20 seconds, hitting as many keys as her little hands can reach, until she realizes there is no enthusiastic audience (like when I am busy). If she gets encouraged by clapping or recognition of some form, she 'entertains' for a wee longer.

She watches Chip intently whenever he is practising and will sometimes point excitedly at it while shouting 'piano piano'.

Besides the 'piano', she is also very keen on the guitar, which both the dad and M play to entertain her. She normally contributes to the music by plucking a few strings with them. Haha.

Well, whatever that keeps the little tot happy!

Already, it is very obvious how much she looks up to her brothers.

She wants to do and play the same things as them. If she sees Chip play a set of toy in a certain way, she will immediately start playing them the same way. Whenever the boys are home, she heads straight to be with them, usually placing herself in the middle of their 'actions', be it a chess game or Lego play. If they are reading, she wants to read their books too. She must have realized the boys are more interesting company to play with. Hee hee...

Thankfully, the boys are never annoyed with her. They adore their little sister too much to ever lose patience with her, even with her repeat interruptions or when she unintentionally damage their awesome creations.

And what a lucky girl she is, to have these big brothers as role models.

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