Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Fascinating Touch

At first glance, this was nothing but an ordinary looking mini-booklet, which one of the boys had left by my laptop.

Upon closer examination, something fascinating caught my eye. This has to be one of Chip's work!

He must have planned to make another of his small books, a hobby of his that started when he was just 4 years old.

But instead of cutting new A4 papers to size and wasting the rest (something which he knows I strongly discourage and disapprove of), he chose to use a few pieces of those white paper strips (which are leftover strips from my lapbook-making activities) that I have saved in a bag for general use.

Since the stapler is out of his reach, he would need something to bind the papers into a booklet.

To achieve the same goal, he punched two holes and inserted two long skinny strips (torn from another bigger piece) through the holes and glued them on the other end. This way, the pages are bound and can be flipped like a book.

My clever little piggy!

I love how he didn't give up or ask for help when there he met a hiccup (i.e. no stapler), but instead took the initiative to solve his 'problem' (i.e. need to bind the papers into booklet) with his creativity by using available resources (i.e. paper strips, puncher and glue).

He may be only 6, but there are just so many incredible ideas in that brain of his. This is just one of the many that can be found all around the house.

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