Friday, February 15, 2013

Her Daily Work

With the whole weekday mornings to ourselves, I like to take it easy whenever I have no appointments to make.

As with the boys, I don't do much one-to-one playtime with the Dolly. She is free to explore and play as much or as little with her toys as she fancies. Only when she demands some attention do I join her and even so, I get away as soon as I can.

 But I always keep a watchful eye. When I am lucky enough to have the camera ready just as she does something adorable, I take shots like these....

She found the changing mat and a spare nappy that I keep in my bag. Removed them promptly and got Jessie ready for nappy change. Heard her say 'Lie down! Lie down! Here!' as she patted the mat and nodding to Jessie.

Naming the body parts of Jessie and counting her fingers.

At 17 months, the Dolly is a natural when it comes to pretend play. It must be time to invite all soft toys for a tea party.


Irene said...

So cute! Aww makes me feel like trying for a little girl. :) Where did u buy the thing she is wearing on her head?

Domesticgoddess said...

Irene, my hubby bought it online.


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