Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It took me a long while to reach here. The head says this while the heart feels otherwise.

Nonetheless, I know the timing is right after considering all factors.

With both boys in school for a big part of the day, weekends are now even more precious than ever.  My growing mindfulness of how fast the kids are growing up - with the eldest already exhibiting preadolescence symptoms - has cast a shadow of doubt on the ideals.

To lead a meaningful and enriching life (of my definition) is about balancing the wants with the needs and making the decisions, however hard they may be, to achieve this balance.

Above all, it is about prioritizing. My focus should be on living more in the present. With resolve and the right attitude, the future will always be as bright as I want it to be.

So there, it is decided. Just two more months to go and time to enter another chapter.

1 comment:

irene said...

Oh dear, are u closing down your school?


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