Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Best Treat

'Let's read books!'

These are the magic words.

Mention 'books' to the dolly and she shows you her delight. Instantly.

To get the dolly out of the bath, all I need to say is 'read books?' and immediately she stands, raises her arms waiting to be picked up. The moment she is placed on the changing mat, she can't wait to get her hands on the books. She points, struggles and protests until I hand her one. Never mind she is still dripping wet and I am desperately trying to dry her.

Our baby bookworm indeed.

Whenever she comes across a book anywhere, she just has to examine it and flip a few pages. She brings books to me with a knowing look, which I interpret as 'mama read this'. I usually oblige.

After she is done with books, the next best thing is either 'mum-mum' (read = she wants to eat) or 'hat' (read = she wants to walk).

'Dat dolly' as E would say endearingly. There is just so much about her that makes us smile. Already, she is 15 months. Way Too Fast.

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