Sunday, March 25, 2012

Their P.V.Z. Craze

The kids have been crazy over the Plants vs. Zombies game on iPad for a few months now.

This is the carrot that E dangles whenever he wants the kids to do something which they would normally be reluctant to. It works like a charm and the boys can't get enough of it.

Not content with just playing the game on iPad, they have been creating all kinds of materials. From almanac of plants to booklets on strategies to kill zombies, the boys even started a PVZ comic series.

Every piece of painstakingly created material has a retail price, which they 'market' through M since he is the one with the paying customers. Haha.


They did sell some and the boys were happy with the money they collected, which motivated them to create more.

But after a while, it becomes obvious that they are better at starting a new booklet than really finishing it. It is simply a case of too many ideas, but insufficient time and persistence to see them through.

Everywhere I look, there are incomplete PVZ booklets of all sorts. Creative boys = Gigantic Mess!

So now, every few days, they need some stern warnings to finish up whatever they have started or risk never to see them again. Unfortunately, such threats don't always work well enough to leave much of a lasting impression.

Before the day is done, the 'mess' returns.

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