Monday, September 24, 2012

Just One Boy + Me.

Nearly 9 months in.

One of the things that bugs me every night is how little time I have with the boys. The weeks seem to zoom by and by Sunday night, I always feel extremely guilty.

I know I feel bad because I am a stay-home-mum. So I am supposed to be able to spend plenty of quality time with them. And I expect myself to be able to do that with each boy. Besides coaching them or reading books. Just time to spend on cuddling and doing nothing; and time to just hang out, goof a bit, have an ice-cream. Time to stroll and chase a ball and watch butterflies. That kind of time. Darn.

Last night, after putting Olivia to bed, I went to kiss the boys goodnight. Like most nights, by the time she is asleep, they are too. I have been missing out on their whole bedtime routine for a while now. Just watching them makes me feel a tinge of sadness. My boys are so, so big now. I must make time to spend with them and it has to be something that happens routinely, not once in a blue moon and dependent on so many other factors. No matter what.

After considering our routine and everyone's schedule, I made a decision. I shall take a boy out to dinner or lunch once a week. Just me and the boy. No one else can tag along. When the brothers are together, they talk about their games too much. When the baby is around, they want to talk and touch and play with her and she will always demand my attention. When the daddy is around, all the boys' talk is out.  So it has to be just me and the boy.

Tonight, I brought Chip out for his favourite dinner - pizza and chocolate ice-cream. From 6.30pm - 9.30pm, just the two of us. We had such a wonderful time.

When we left home, he told me he was really happy because it was 'just my mummy and me'. Aww.. He skipped a lot and held my hand tight almost the whole night. He cuddled me for nearly the entire bus journey. Occasionally, he looked up with a big smile and kissed me on my arm. Several times throughout the night, he looked into my eyes and told me he had a really, really nice time. He placed his little hand on his chest and told me with the sweetest smile on the way home that he felt a lot of love tonight. That totally melted my heart. I promised him we will do this every fortnight. Our little date. He has already decided he will have pasta for dinner. :>

Next week, it will be poshie's turn. Now I can't wait to impress the boy too.

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