Thursday, September 13, 2012

Homemade Baby Food

After this post, some readers emailed me with questions on how and what I cook for Olivia. Sorry if I haven't replied you via email. But here is a compilation of several replies I gave to the earlier enquiries, which should answer most of your questions.

I cook Olivia's food about 4 days a week and usually in batches. I freeze them in small Lock-and-Lock containers that can contain 100ml of food and also in ice-cube trays. I bought some sturdy plastic trays meant for food years ago and has been using the same when the boys were small. I usually take the food out of freezer and leave in fridge overnight to thaw. Then microwave for 45 sec (and cool down of course!) or warm in pan over stove before feeding her.

To increase my options of mix-and-match meals, I freeze a combination of complete meals in the containers, and single or two ingredients in ice-cube trays. 

E.g. I may cook a portion of brown rice for the family, blend some for Olivia to freeze in trays. Concurrently stir-fry a dish of pork and broccoli and steam some pumpkin. Blend portion of pumpkin and freeze in trays. Then with the same blender, throw in more brown rice, and the pork, broccoli and pumpkin and blend. Serve a portion immediately and freeze the rest of the MEALS in LnL containers for future use. On days when I think she may eat a lot more than the 100ml, I will thaw the container together with a cube of another ingredient, e.g peas/corn. Viola! 

Depending on how we cook and store our food, I believe batch cooking/freezing/thawing in microwave doesn't destroy as many nutrients as some people like to believe because I cook fresh produce as soon as I bought them.

This method also prevents wastage and makes it feasible to feed a variety of home-made meals instead of depending on store-bought jar food or chinese-style porridge. 

As for the menu, I try to plan a wide-variety ensuring that I have different whole-grains, protein and vegetables in the ready meals. Some food, when combined in a meal will enhance our body's absorption of nutrients and there are other combinations that I avoid. I also plan complete vegetarian protein meals. There is a lot more info in this old post: my kids are not eating well.

When possible, I use organic produce. But there is this Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists that I refer to in deciding how much organic produce to buy.

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Lisa said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been cooking almost the same kind of food every day for my 18 months. Always find it so hard to serve variety when there is a demanding toddler at home. I often wonder how you can manage 3 kids. I will try out your method tomorrow!


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