Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Roly Poly Cute

(photos taken in March 2012)

One of my favourite PJs on her.

When Olivia was still a newborn, I didn't buy her any new PJs and only dressed her in the boys' old ones.

I have to admit my heart just ached every night when I was dressing her in a piece of hand-me-down. I wondered how the fabric must feel against her little body and soft smooth skin and if she would feel any discomfort, though these PJs were really in wearable condition. And I found myself apologizing to her and feeling utmost guilt, as if she was being treated as second-best.

At first, I reasoned that there is no need for PJs to be presentable. Anyway, she wears new clothes in the day that are all specially bought for her, so she isn't deprived in any way.

But the guilt didn't go away.

Then one day, after E splurged on some expensive meals (or maybe toys and books for the boys), the bill was enough for me to feel the pinch. I decided I wasn't going to be practical any more.

To be fair, E has never said no to buying anything for the baby. I am always the one who does not mind second-hand clothes, as long as they are of reasonable quality.

Over the next few months, I went from thrifty to extravagant and spent way too much in online stores for all sort of adorable outfits for the Dolly. But it is worth it! Every penny of it!  :>

(She has nearly outgrown this PJ. Boo hoo! So I went back to the store and bought a few more of the same design.)

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