Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Four months, four episodes of mastitis and just as many courses of anti-biotics.

I nearly gave up on breastfeeding.

I have been considering introducing some formula in a bottle, just so that I don't have to deal with mastitis anymore.The bonus: I can go for a vacation sans kids!

But I still can't bring myself to do so after months of contemplating. It's silly I know, but I just can't shake the guilt, especially since my reason stems out of pure selfishness.

A little voice in me kept reminding me that this (breastfeeding) is only going to last a few more months of my life and I have a few decades ahead for such trips. Mastitis can be handled with anti-biotics, so I should not quit just yet.

Putting it all into perspectives, that is what I need.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shirley,

Breastfeeding takes tremendous efforts.

I can totally resonate with the ongoing physical, emotional and mental irony.

I have personally suffered 10 consecutive weeks of mastitis and at the verge of giving up breastfeeding altogether if it did not resolve by the end of my maternity leave(I had no problem with my first born). It was a suckling problem for me and I was blessed to receive help from the pd to correct just in time.

Lots of massage to clear block ducts, warm shower helps and do remember to give Olivia probiotics (Biogaia from KK Hospital)to prevent thrush from occurring, may be very painful for both u and her when it happen (*touchwood).

I am all for breastfeeding, as I don't have the courage to deal with the guilt of not giving mummy's milk. Especially after a long day away from Adele or when she's unwell, I feel that it's the only form of comfort I could offer.

It's all too convenient to give formula milk...Take it one step at a time. Jiayou!

Domesticgoddess said...

Wow... you are wonderful and so dedicated! I am very sure I will give up if I have to suffer 10 consecutive weeks of mastitis. One week at a time is already enough to drive me crazy. I have not given Olivia any probiotics. Will check with PD soon. Thanks for the tip.

I know what you mean. I am sure I will miss the bonding and regret it if I were to give up easily. Another reason to march on. Jiayou to you too!

Winnie said...

Yes, breastfeeding takes lots of effort.

I am still breastfeeding and at same time giving my girl formula milk. I wanted to stop but she prefers the comfort of breastfeeding.

My reasons to want to stop breastfeeding is that I don't have to be conscious what to eat or not eat, and I could go for a short holiday.

However, seeing her so adorable, I can't bear to stop so abruptly. Well, I just let "nature takes its course". One day, the decision to stop lies with her.

Persevere and I believe you shall be greatly rewarded.


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