Friday, July 27, 2012


The boy sobbed. Big fat tears. Declared he was heart broken. So miserably sad. He wanted to die.


All because I threw away his mini tube of toothpaste.

A used tube. His first tube of Colgate.

It was thrown in the bin two nights ago. He retrieved it and left it on the bookshelf. Forgotten. It went down the chute today. Gone forever.

What's the big deal? We adults just didn't get it.

But he insisted to keep it forever, so he can remember his past.


Why keep junk? After explaining, cajoling, coaxing and nagging, I gave up.

I found him a plastic container to keep his 'treasures' and promised to find him another mini tube tomorrow. He was so touched.

'Thank you, mummy', he whispered and gave me a big hug. My sweet little boy.

There are many good lessons to teach him from this episode. And a few for me to learn from too.

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