Monday, May 7, 2012

Playpen Shots

Photos taken in April 2012 (7 months old)
Examining the colourful details for a long time.

Being #3, she gets away with a lot more gnawing, simply because I have less time to watch her like a hawk and I have since learnt that babies are more resilient than I like to believe, so a little ‘impurities’ won’t hurt her. But I am not completely at ease with the idea yet. So there are still times when I squirm just at the idea and would jump out of my seat, drop everything I do to ‘rescue’ her or the object of desire.

Pulling up to stand by herself. But not tall enough to see us. She figured real soon that she only needed to bend her body a little and tilt her head sideway to catch a glimpse of us.

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