Wednesday, April 4, 2012


"I like to reiterate my thanks for teaching me how to fish. Now I am getting the hang of planning lapbooks for my kids as well as recycling what Amos has done for his brother. Now I understand, albeit a fraction of the fruit of labour that you have put in for your kids and others. It's time consuming but very rewarding. With my third child's arrival, it really helps a lot to teach myself and save costs. Amos benefitted most from your courses. Olivia is blessed to have an even more experienced mom to love and teach. "

- Amos' mum (Amos attended three terms of the Bright Minds Lapbookers class, two of which were parent-accompanied)

This came through via SMS earlier this week. 

Not only did the SMS bring me smiles and happiness, it brought immense satisfaction. Nothing makes me happier than to know that parents appreciate the Bright Minds Lapbookers programme and is now able to apply what they have learnt with their other children. 

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