Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sliding Puzzles and his Big One Game

Chip came up with three designs of sliding puzzles a few weeks ago.

Each puzzle was made up of eight squarish pieces that slide along and can be arranged to form something. I think his inspiration came from a game that he watched E play. But what I find clever is how he has designed the puzzles himself. It is hard to 'understand' them by just looking at the photos here.

(photo below) This is one of the puzzles, before the pieces are arranged.
(photo below) After the pieces are arranged. A 'path' is formed.
(photo below) He even made the instructions that one can follow to complete the puzzle.
(photo below) Here is another puzzle.
(photo below) Here is another game which he called the Big One game. To play the game, one has to move the little pieces of paper as dices.
He was so pleased and excited with this game that he couldn't wait to show it to his teachers and friends. Unfortunately, the day he brought it in for show-and-tell, it fell onto the toilet floor and a fellow classmate stepped on it by accident. I have no idea how it ended up in the toilet in the first place!
Fighting back tears, the poor boy bravely told me later, 'Never mind, I plan to make a new game anyway. This one is not good enough'.

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