Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Wrap and Roll Lunches

Some days, one of the biggest challenges I have is to find enough time to whip up lunch. 

But even on such days, I would still prefer to prepare something at home than to head out to the nearest coffee shops or food courts for takeaways. 

So my solution is quick-to-prepare recipes that only take me 10 min max from cupboard/fridge to mouth.

My trusty wrap and roll lunches! :> 

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I like to think that I'm giving the everyday sandwich a facelift by using tortilla wraps instead of slices of bread. 

It makes our quick and simple lunches interesting without requiring much effort from me. 

Usually, each boy can chomp down two fatly-wrapped ones for lunch, or one per child if I serve them as an afternoon snack.

Though I have been using lots of wraps in the last few years and experimented with all kinds of fillings, my latest favourite which I can't get enough of is a vegetarian version. 

In addition to salad leaves and whatever vegetables that I have sitting in the fridge, I often throw in some sliced red/yellow/orange peppers for its sweet crunchiness and chunks of avocado which always adds a lovely richness that elevates the taste to a different level. 

The little boys can't be persuaded to try my vegetarian creation just yet. But I take comfort in knowing that they are huge fans of all my other relatively healthy varieties which appeal to their omnivorous appetites. 

My goal is to keep experimenting with the fillings, especially with ingredients that the boys would normally shun if they spot them lying about on their plates. 

Stuff like mushrooms (yup, my kids tell me they aren't eating any fungi!), hummus (which they once called brown slime), eggplant (they categorised purplish food as monsters' food) and the list goes on...... 

But I shall persevere. 

We just can't know what we really like until we have tried them. Just like the grouch in Green Eggs and Ham

I repeat (or nag) this at least once a day. 

One FINE day, my boys will take a bite into these 'alien' ingredients and declare them as their new-found love. :)

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