Thursday, March 22, 2012

My One Minute Rule

Just the other day, I looked around the house and wondered what else I could change to be more efficient and productive. 

Is it possible to fit even more into my schedule? How can I get things done in shorter time? How to reschedule my days such that I can better utilize my periods of high energy and get the most out of the times when I feel like a walking zombie?

Then I recognize there is this one little habit of mine that has served me well in the last few years - my ONE minute rule. 

Basically, if there is something that I can do in one minute, I will just do it immediately. Be it reading and tossing letters, emptying the bins, tidying up, hanging up clean clothes etc...  

Obviously not everything in the house can be done in one minute. But there are many small tasks that only require a minute or less to complete. When these are tackled as soon as possible, it makes a big difference to how the house looks, which always makes me feel better. 

Such a simple rule to abide by, yet it makes a world of difference. 


Ruth said...

I so like this post and thanks for that little tip! I'm always looking at how I can be more efficient, stretch my time and get the house more organised. Look forward to reading more tips from you :) I believe there's lots to learn from as you're a mom of 3. I only have one now and often feel like I can barely cope!

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Ruth, I'm glad you like the tip. It works wonders for me. Sometimes I think having more than one help to a certain extent as the kids can entertain each other and be less dependent on me for attention. :>


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