Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chip and Olive Tapenade

I love good quality black olives. Not the canned variety.

There is something about their saltiness that I love and it is always a delight to find them in my sandwiches or salads. As much as I enjoy them on their own as a healthy snack, I rarely buy them in Singapore. Hmm... I wonder why. 

I also like tapenade. Especially the ones made with black olives. Tapenade reminds me of Europe and the years I spent in the continent.

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But I have only bought tapenade once in the last decade. It is just one of those things that I don't think much about.

A few months ago, I was browsing in a supermarket when I came across a jar of tapenade made with kalamata and black olives. I just couldn't resist the packaging, so the tiny glass jar had to come home with me, together with some quality crackers that I had selected to sample the tapenade with.

The crackers swiftly disappeared from the pantry within a week. I blame the mice who sneaked into our kitchen at night.

And I forgot about my tapenade after I gave birth to my Olivia.

Few nights ago, while scouting for snacks, I chanced upon an interesting-looking jar. Ahhh.... my tapenade! :D

Still standing by the kitchen counter, I ripped open a pack of Meiji crackers and dipped one into the jar of blackness which somewhat resembled some half-chewed-and-spat-out-grapes. It tasted slightly salty with a mild pungent aroma. After the cracker was swallowed, a light bitter aftertaste lingered in my palate.

Hmm..... It took a little remembering and getting used to.

I went for it again. And again. Crunching loudly, still standing, and oblivious to someone who was watching me with interest.

"What are you eating, Mummy? Can I try too?"

Oh of course! I would LOVE to get my boys to fall in love with olives and tapenade. They are such super food!

I shoved a piece of cracker topped with a dollop of tapenade into my 5-year-old's mouth and watched his reaction keenly. I think I held my breath while waiting for his verdict. :>

He chewed on it cautiously and eyed me suspiciously afterwards.

"What is this, Mummy?"

I explained what tapenade is and showed him a jar of olives that I have in the pantry. He was so amused that it was made from olives. "You mean like our baby Olive", he asked cheekily, referring to Olivia whom he sometimes affectionately called Olive.

"Was it yummy? Do you want another piece?"

"No thanks!" replied the boy and ran off to play.

Oh well, at least he tried.

Two minutes later, he was back with mouth wide open, eager for another bigger piece with more tapenade! Yipppeeee!

So he did. He ate three whole squarish crackers (which I broke into bite sizes to dip and serve) and a whole lot of tapenade.

I was a really happy mummy that day.

Just the thought of how my little Chip has become such an adventurous eater who loves blue cheese, pâté and foie gras, and this most recent discovery of tapenade, really tickles me.

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.


Emma said...

Your intelligence, breath and broad is amazing.

Enjoy life!

Dawn said...

Hi where did you get the tapenade in Singapore?

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Dawn, you can get them from Cold Storage and the Marketplace. Their deli section will have some. I am sure you can find them in Jasons too though I have never bought any from there.


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