Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My favourite time of the day. 

The light is perfect. The air still and fresh. The day is only beginning to get busy. 

Ideally, I am accompanied by only a morning cup of aromatic coffee and a buttery croissant or a hot breakfast. And just my own company. 

But these days, there is usually a lot more to juggle with at this hour. 

Still, 7 am is my favourite hour of the day.

When Chip heard my remarks one morning of how much I love this hour, he suggested helpfully that we head out for picnic at 7 am every day so we can enjoy as much of it as possible. 

As he talked about the details, he was so enthusiastic and chirpy that I couldn't resist. 

The next morning, he woke before 7 am and waited patiently for me to pack our breakfast, make coffee for myself and get Bunny ready. By the time we left home, he was like an excited little pup, grinning from ear to ear as he rode his tricycle round our condo compound. 


We stayed out for an hour and half and returned home only when the baby started yawning, ready for her morning nap. 

At least we had our breakfast, a stroll and a ride around. We even managed to squeeze in some hide-and-seek and chasing time. The bunny was the one 'chasing' after the pig, which resulted in both squealing with incredibly excitement and the baby hyperventilating at one point. 

Back home, my 5 yr old hugged me tight and told me with big innocent eyes, 'I had such a wonderful time, mummy. It was so much fun. I like to do this again. How about tomorrow?' 

I felt awesome for the rest of the day too, especially for making Chip so happy.

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