Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eat. Drink. Love.

I don't have any explanation for this but lately, I can't stop thinking about

Particularly the patatas bravas (fried squared potatoes served in spicy red sauce), tortilla patatas (quintessential Spanish omelette layered with onion and potatoes) and croquettas de jamon (fried cheese balls stuffed with ham).

Thinking of these mouthwatering dishes does more than just causing hunger pangs. They almost always evoke tender feelings of love, warmth and nostalgia in me. 

They are after all, the first few dishes that E lovingly cooked for me when I first arrived in Europe over a decade ago. I remember they were very tasty and there was also a strong flavour of love. Ahh .... that saccharin-sweet love of the honeymoon stage of courtship. 

I still remember that lovely meal we had at a Tapas place in Brighton with his Spanish friends where we took some gorgeous photos together. That day was filled with so much laughter. But now I can't even remember where those photos are! 

And how we strolled the streets of Costa del Sol back in July 2001 in search of charming restaurants and stuffing ourselves silly with way too much tapas and getting high from sipping too many glasses of Sangria. So much fun. So much hand-holding and just being in love. 

Oddly, these memories of Costa Del Sol also never failed to remind me of competition and the bizarre and amazing power of the female intuition. Even over a decade later. Hmm...

It's about time to stop dreaming and just get out there to stuff my face with tapas and quench my thirst with a jug of Sangria. 

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