Friday, September 23, 2011

M's drawing progress

From M's recent drawings in his art class, it is obvious he has improved in his ability to draw many different subjects on his own. 

I like it that there is a weekly theme and the art teacher will show the kids how to draw from her perspective. M always prefers to take her demonstration as a guide and inject his own unique perspectives and interpretations, which I like to think is something to encourage. More often than not, I can spot a trace of his unmistakeable sense of humour and playfulness in his pieces.

The thing is, while he is really enjoying his time at the art class, he rarely uses any of the techniques he has learnt when he draws at home. During his leisure drawing, he still only draws machines and transformers and all things mechanical. Like this one of the Iron Giant.


Above:  a drawing of the Iron Giant after watching the DVD at home. 

Hopefully, as E had put it so optimistically, what's learnt will remain with him and when the time comes for him to put the skills to use, he will. 

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