Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monster Mania

A while ago, Chip received this sticker book as a present.

Normally, I am not fond of colouring or sticker books. So when he first got it, I just stashed it away and didn't look at it. 

Till one day when I was decluttering and looking through our bookshelves for books to donate, I took another look at this one.


Oh... so it isn't just a sticker book. Instead of stifling creativity, I can see its brilliant potential at encouraging creativity!


Immediately, I set to work to get Chip interested in using the stickers.

The first thing we did was to make a birthday card for a party that he was going to attend with me that weekend.



We have since made more cards for different people and a closet monster craft. The pieces which he came up with are all so hilarious. Even I had so much fun just watching him make them.

Shall put this sticker book to good use in the coming weeks.

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