Saturday, July 2, 2011

An Afternoon of Running

A rare play date with two other pairs of siblings on the last Friday of the June school holiday.

The kids had such a blast running and chasing the ball and trying to catch the frisbee.






Fooling around for the camera while waiting for dinner. :>

We haven't been to Botanic Gardens or Jacob Ballas for a while. It is tough to go on weekdays because of the boys' school schedule. Weekends are usually spent by the beaches for sand and water play if the boys aren't swimming. 

But after the few hours that day, I have been craving to return for more of the vast greenery. I must really find a way to make such play dates a more regular feature of our routine instead of waiting till the school holidays. 

So... another weekend play date, anyone??


Precious Memories said...

We are quite the opposite. We do more parks than beaches. We are usually at one of the parks during weekends. Call me if you want to arrange a playdate. Sarah will be excited to meet the boys again.

Domesticgoddess said...

Oh sure! Must try to do it again before I pop. :>


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