Thursday, June 30, 2011

Modular Approach to Chinese Programme

Up till now, I was under the impression that all primary schools adopt the modular approach for Chinese programme so that children with different abilities/interests in the Chinese language can be assisted and/or stretched. 

The differentiated approach is to begin from Term 3 onwards and children are placed in either the Bridging, Core or Enrichment class based on their performances in Terms 1 and 2. 
But after speaking to a few friends whose kids are in different primary schools, it doesn't seemed to be the case for some schools, which don't differentiate their pupils' abilities just yet. 

Anyway, M's school adopts the modular approach. 

All pupils will do the Core module. Those in the Bridging class will get more help to improve their oral and aural skills before progressing to the Core module and advanced pupils doing the Enrichment module will get to stretch their language ability after completion of the Core module.  

Based on his results in the mastery tests so far and his ongoing progress at home with me, I have expected him to be in the Core class, which would accommodate 80% of the P1 cohort. Though we know that he is one of top 3 in his class, we didn't know how he would fare compared to his cohort. I have learnt from other parents that majority of his schoolmates attend some Chinese enrichment or tuition classes since their kindergarten days, so I reckon these are likely the ones placed in the advanced class. 

Hence it was a big pleasant surprise when M came home on Monday (first day of new term) with a letter informing us that he has been placed in the Enrichment class.

I am very pleased for him. Though this may seem trivial, it is nonetheless a form of encouragement in return for the months of consistent effort he has put in. The part that pleases me most is that we did it without him attending any external classes. 

I hope this Enrichment module will be more rigorous than before. 

Anyway, it seems the honeymoon is officially over. Yesterday, he came home with his first page of Chinese homework. 

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