Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Babymoon 2011

For 5 days in the first week of the June school holiday, we left the boys at home with E's parents and headed for our babymoon. 

We did this for every pregnancy, so it shouldn't be any exception this time round.

When I was expecting M, we went to Beijing in April 2004 and even walked the full 5 km of the Badaling part of the Great Wall of China. 

In June 2006 and 5 months pregnant, we brought M along to Bali for a wonderful vacation, just so we could have a last holiday memory of our little Poshie before we welcomed another little one.  

Earlier this year, we had booked a trip to Osaka when the grannies' travelling plans was confirmed, not knowing that we would be expecting again. But the March '11 triple disasters in Japan altered our plans and due to my physical condition, we ruled out many possible destinations and settled for Bali instead. 

After staying at the Conrad and Le Meridien in the previous visits, we decided to try the Grand Hyatt this time round. 

I was totally blown away by the beauty of the compound and mesmerized by the tranquility of its secluded beach. We are talking kilometres of beach to stroll on under the gorgeous blue sky. 

For a few hours after 1pm everyday, the tide began to change and there was this incredible shoreline filled with the most amazing creatures.

We spotted hundreds of starfish, different kinds of sea worms and sea urchins, puffer fish and even a blue-ringed octopus! E was so intrigued, like many hotel guests, that he returned to the shoreline for a few hours daily, hoping to catch more glimpses of other exciting sea creatures that were trapped in the nooks and crevices. 

Spot the blue-ringed octopus!

Can you see the well-camouflaged crab?

Something just feasted on a LOT of sea urchins!

I couldn't share the same enthusiasm after one afternoon so I was more than happy to park myself by the beach or the recreation pool in those hours when he was away, and be accompanied by mocktails, snacks and a riveting read. 

To be able to just be by myself, enjoying my own company and indulged in my own thoughts and reflections was such a treat! I may go as far as calling it a luxury since it is not something I get to do for long stretch of time normally. 

To top it all up, when we can end the day strolling by the beach hand-in-hand, be enchanted by the sunset and have our cheeks caressed by the constant sea breeze, how can we not feel romanced? :> 

We love this vacation. And we know our boys would enjoy it too. So we are planning to return soon. But next time, it will be with the entire family of five. 


The Beauties In Our Lives said...

Sounds like a beautiful romantic vacation - and such a good idea! It is so important for us to have couple time and me time for ourselves, so we can be calm and rejuvenated with the kids. And thanks for the recommendation! I will plan a trip there too! :)

Domesticgoddess said...

Oh it is a wonderful place for sure. I highly recommend! :)

k said...

I want to go! But holidays are hard to come by for us. So I guess it'll have to wait. And since my dad is not around anymore, I cannot possibly leave 2 active tots to only my mum. So there goes our couple holiday dream. My dream actually. Hubby is such a stay-put-in-sg kind of person. haha. Hey, but we love spotting creatures. Will go entice him later. hehe

Domesticgoddess said...

K, Bali is great for families too. From what I have seen, Grand Hyatt seems to have great facilities/activities for keeping kids occupied too, so besides the beach and pool, you can also leave them there for short period of time while you enjoy some couple time.


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