Monday, May 23, 2011

Homemade Book: Under the Pacific Ocean

Another one which Chip made earlier this month. 

This creation is a clear example of his cheeky nature in the way he talks about the main character exposing his derriere .....   :P 

One day, Swimmer the diver was on his boat. 
He was going to catch a sardine and then off he go.
He caught the sardine and then he was soon going to go.
He was going back to the cabin of his boat.
Then he dived back in the water and he forgot his pants.
When he came on his boat the fish saw his butt.
He was up on his boat and he accidentally pushed his pants in to the water.
So the diver didn't have any more pants and he peed in the water.
So he dived down into the water without his pants and the pee went on his face.

Entirely his own work. The only help he got was in the spelling of some words. 

1 comment:

viv said...

Oh I love this! It's so wacky!


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