Friday, May 20, 2011

His Source of Happiness and Pride

After completing his assignments in class, M will usually pick up a book from the mini-library collection available in his classroom for silent reading. Sometimes, he prefers to draw.

He drew and coloured this Megatron in school last week during those few minutes of free time he had in between lessons over a two-day period.

Upon completion, the boys in his class crowded around him to admire his work. A few of them have now asked him to draw them different Transformers characters. He is only too happy to oblige and has since produced 4 different pieces for the boys. I heard there is a small wait list now. Haha!

He confessed feeling a great sense of pride to know that his classmates think so highly of his drawings. It pleases him tremendously that they were really appreciative when he presented them with his small "gifts". What a great way to bond with his friends! :> 

Looks like his form teacher has also recognised his interests and potential. M has been selected as one of the ten kids to represent his school in an art competition this June. Will blog about it after the event. 

I'm excited for him. This experience will be truly meaningful since he will be producing a piece with someone else and he is representing his school at the competition. It will be a notch more interesting than just participating in any art competition that we can sign him up for (though we've been too lazy to sign him up for any competitions so far). Whether he wins or not is secondary. More importantly, he gets the opportunity and experience. 

Till then.... 

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