Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Daily Feed

The Smoker Fireboat Rocket goes to space. The conductor switched on the button and the fire and smoke will come out of the top, where the hole is. The valve will open. When the conductor switched it off, all the fire will go back through the valve.  There is a special black hole in the valve and the fire goes into the black hole.... 

One of my daily entertainment is listening to such narratives from my 3-year-old who is currently obsessed with black holes and crab nebula. 

I was so surprised when he used the word 'valve'. He seems to understand what it means when I asked him to explain. The only time I mentioned the word was when I was explaining to his brother M how the tap (faucet) works. 

I didn't even realize he was listening to my conversation with M since he was in another room playing Lego. And I am even more amazed that he could understand what it means and use it in his own story. 

Again, another example that clearly illustrates the importance of a language rich environment. 

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