Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Craft: Making a Cat Face Collage

Most kids would plunge straight into a craft once they are given the materials, without much planning or thinking about how they want the end product to look.

It is of course easier to just get on with the doing and following instructions without thinking. 

For this craft and a few others recently, I upped the challenge for my 3 y.o. 

He was given just the paper plate and some colored strips of his choice and instructed to make a torn paper collage. I encouraged him to plan what he wanted to do with the strips, express how to carry out the plan and decide what else he may need to complete the craft. 

When he was done with the face, he knew that he needed features for the cat's face and came asking for them. He took them from me without further instructions but he knew exactly where they should go. :) 

The very pleased boy with his completed cat face posing for a photo. 

Taken by a very proud mummy! :> 

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