Monday, December 7, 2009

Chipsy's Lego Progress

My 3y.o. has made some amazing progress in the last few weeks on his Lego play. 

A few weeks ago he was still playing with the Quatro set, constructing buildings and castles and creating animals with the colorful blocks.  

Above: A hippo which he made on his own a few weeks ago. 

Above:  A rocket and space ship in one. Built on his own again. 

Above: A rocket. He posed so proudly next to it. :D

Not sure what this is. A castle with a fort? A building with a carpark? He won't tell me. 

At times, he would also play with the small Lego pieces (from our Age 5 to 12 sets) which M plays with and make something simple of his own, alongside his big brother. 

But one day, about a month ago, he made this digger on his own! 

His concentration span is simply remarkable! It took him probably close to an hour to search for the suitable pieces amongst the thousands of pieces that are in the box and assemble them piece by piece with his nimble fingers. 

Tried it on the floor to see if it balanced, replaced some pieces etc .. till he was satisfied. 

There are a few more impressive constructions recently. Shall upload photos soon.

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