Thursday, October 29, 2009

All With Just A Finger

"Mummy, I want to paint! I want to paint!"

"Ok, what do you want to paint? What colors do you need? Go and get them."

"Umm.... I have an idea!"
He brought out a few bottles, pulled out some papers from the drawer and arranged them on the table.

"Where are your brushes?"

"No need for brushes. Just one finger! You watch me!"

Now, this was entirely child-led, which is pretty much how we do it at home. 

Unless the boys are doing some lapbooking with me and the art/craftwork is part of our thematic activities, then I may set the structure and provide some instructions to ensure they learn what I set out to teach. 

On a typical day, the boys pick their own themes and decide on pretty much everything. 

My peanut has dedicated this to his grandpa. He promised to make something for grandma too. Very soon, he said. :>

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