Saturday, August 15, 2009

When They Meet Again

They first met when M was about a year old. After some gatherings and playdates in the following year, L's family moved abroad.

Then last October, L came back and the boys met up again for a brief playdate. M drew L a momento. At that time, he only gave his drawings to people he really liked, so that gesture showed how much he favoured L. 

A few weeks later, L returned the favour by mailing M a cute drawing of the London tube. :>

This July, they met again. In London instead.

At first, M refused to say hello and kept insisting that he was shy. He had no memory of who Luke is, not even when I showed him photos on the blog. 

But by the time we walked from Harrods to Hyde Park, the boys had rekindled their interest in each other. For the next 3 hrs, they got on so well. 

Courtesy of L's mum. Thanks V! 

It is so lovely to look at photos of them together. 

1 comment:

Alan/Val said...

Hopefully they'll meet again at the end of the month when we come back! Let's try to arrange something.


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