Friday, May 8, 2009

Craft: Rainbow Collage

He patiently stuck every piece by himself after he understood my instructions to complete one hue at a time. 

I thought that was really quite remarkable since it is a rather tedious craft for this age and requires a fair amount of patience and hand/eye coordination.

Accompanying the craft was a new rhyme which he learnt really quickly after we sang it just thrice. Now he sings it everyday when he is playing alone. It is really the flavour of the week! 


Handydog said...

Heehee..he is so cute! I miss him :)

3lilangels said...

My 33 month girl is also doing lots of cutting and pasting these days. Must try out the rainbow. She loves singing the Barney rainbow song. Thanks for sharing!

Domesticgoddess said...

handydog.. he misses u too! He kept asking to go see Auntie K. He calls you 'my auntie K'. :>

3lilangels, you are welcome! My boy did a lot more but I haven't had time to post on blog.. do drop by often for more ideas! :)


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