Thursday, February 5, 2009

One Complicated Design

This was taken before last Christmas. I don't even remember the name he gave to this complicated vehicle which he made from scratch all by himself.

Frankly, when I look at his contraptions these days, I get a little overwhelmed by the complex intricacies. He has an explanation for the function and necessity of each little piece. He can really go on and on about how this part can move and that joint can flip.  

I love it that he is as passionate with his Lego as before and is learning and creating all the time. I can see him improving at an amazing rate whenever I look back at old photos. But I just can't participate much. 

It is embarrassing to admit but I do find the Lego sets (for age 6-12yo) that my 4yo plays with now to be a little too daunting and frankly, very boring. I would much rather do crafts with the boys, homeschool them or go for walks. 

So for now, I am happy to delegate all Lego playing to daddy and just be an onlooker. It isn't my forte.

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