Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Craft: Jellyfish In The Ocean

My boys are so hooked by the exquisite illustrations and cute story of this Caldecott Honor book - Swimmy by Leo Lionni. 

I read it daily to Chipsy during the week when we were working on the homeschooling theme on Ocean.

The 4yo often joined in. We discussed creatures in the ocean and the story in Swimmy. 
Then the boys recreated an underwater scene. 

First, they painted their ocean. Chipsy painted multiple colours with obvious black streaks on his blue paper. M opted for a clean and pretty dark blue background. 

Then they added the jellyfish which they made and the fishes that M helped to draw and cut, including the black Swimmy.

Boys wanted to make the sea bed more vibrant by adding red corals.

The kids had so much fun with this art/craft activity and were totally focused on their work.

I love the end products as much as the process. They are now decorating the walls in Marcus' room. *smile*

I had built a whole week of homeschooling curriculum around this theme for Chipsy and included M at times. There was the introduction of the letter 'J', learning about jellyfish, crafts on sea creatures, creating the underwater scene etc... 

It is so rewarding to see how much Chipsy picks up from our homeschooling activities. That's the fuel I need to spur me on! 


Mel said...

The paintings are beautiful! :) If I had to choose a fave (and since I'm not their mum I can be biased, hehe)... I like Chipsy's best! More "wild"! :)

Domestic Goddess said...

hee hee.. i do think Chipsy's ocean has a lot of character. :)


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