Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vehicles with dotted lines

Many of M's recent drawings of vehicles have dotted lines on them. It seems he tries to replicate those drawings in books he sees which has dotted lines for little kids to join.

And one of the very recent additions I notice is stars. Lots of stars of all sizes on many of his drawings.

This one above is funny to me. It looks like the truck is carrying a load of stars. See the dotted lines on the wheels.

Here is a triple decker bus that can float on water. Hee hee.. The sailboat on the left was drawn with a stencil. He told me the sun is angry but I can't remember why.

Hmm.. I like this taxi. He drew it in under 3 minutes!

The long weird name he gave to his truck. Many of them have very long and impossible to pronounce names which he made me pronounce a few times a day. And when I give up, he always say 'try mama... it is like this..'te-te-te-ve-ve-....' I can't help sometimes but throw him a big patronizing grin after a while and just roll my eyes.


Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed by your son's ability to draw so well. How did you train him? My son, who at 5,is older than yours, can't draw for nuts.

Domestic Goddess said...

thanks Anonymous. We have never trained him in any way at home. We just made the stationery readily available for him to draw whenever he likes and for as long as he likes. Practice makes perfect and in his case, it is very true. He can spent up to 4 hours at one sitting just drawing and colouring his own drawings.

I think it helps that we have never given him any colouring books or dot-the-lines kind of pictures. His drawings just evolve over the months. If you look back on old blog posts on his Art, you will understand what I mean by 'evolving'. :)


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