Monday, October 6, 2008

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

When I was dating E, he told me how big a fan he is of Woody Allen's works and that was quite an eye opener. I knew who he is but never paid much attention to his films. So when I was living in London, I watched all of E's collections of the director's amazing work and I like most of them. The story lines and his sense of humour are great, but the actors are usually not eye candy material, which is a bit of shame.  

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is Woody Allen's funny and open-minded celebration of love in all its configurations. The actors are charming and I just love the very simple and yet interesting story-telling which is accomplished without any fancy special effects. I am not quite as open-minded as he is, but I like to think that I am more liberal, understanding and approving of one's celebrations of love as compared to the norm. I live for passion and I celebrate passionate love, so I can understand why Cristina's character has to keep searching and not settling till she finds the "whatever-she-is-looking-for". Yet I can relate with Vicky's practical approach (being a very practical person myself) and her emotional struggle and dilemna after her "one crazy weekend". I especially love how the film ended. It is so brutally honest about how different one can be in our pursuit and celebrations of life and love and the possibilities of happiness vs misery. In some ways, it is tragically sad; yet in others, immensely hopeful. Totally thought-provoking and I love it! 

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