Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Now it's the dinosaurs

A year ago, they were monsters which roared at each other and everyone in sight, as I wrote in a previous post. The novelty wore off after a few weeks. The roaring is back this week after they watched "Walking with Dinosaurs". 

Now, I see both boys cleaning the floors at home with their clothes as they slithered back and forth from one room to the next, roaring their heads off. The bigger one in front and a smaller body tailing close. Sometimes M will tell me he is a a dinosaur, other times, he decides he is a scary monster. The little one is quite happy to just follow suit. 

They don't restrict their act to indoors, so it can be embarrassing and hilarious at the same time when a friendly neighbour says hello to them in the lift and my docile looking boys suddenly let out a loud "rawwwwwww" with accompanying claws in front of their chests. Even Chipsy who sits in his stroller tries his best to roar his loudest, with his face all scrunched up as if trying to squeeze out as many wrinkles as possible, tiny hands curled up to look like scary claws and small upper body lunged forward into an aggressive position like a baby monster ready to attack. They did this so many times which always resulted in thunderous laughter in the lift from adults and kids alike. And I am sure M does that all the time in class, which is probably why he is such a famous boy in school. 

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