Friday, October 24, 2008

Grocery Shopping

Any grocery shopping trips with the 2 boys are always very noisy affairs. 

As we pass by the seafood section...
M: Mummy, I want to eat some fish! Buy me the salmon please. I want the biggest piece! (and picked a pack to put into my basket)
N: Touch fish! 

As we pass by the eggs/bread section... 
M: How about we buy bread? This and this and this.. (helping himself to 3 loaves). 
N: Hold bread! Hold bread! (literally screaming)
M: Little chip, you can't hold the bread.. How about you hold the eggs? (trying to pass chip a pack of kampong eggs as I snatch it from him in time)
N: Eat eggs! Hold eggs! Touch eggs! Give me the eggs! 

As we pass by the vegetables section... 
M: Mummy, can I eat broccoli today? I haven't eaten broccoli for a long time. (though he just ate it the day before)
N: Eat broccoli!! 
M: What about some potatoes, mummy? Do you need potatoes? 
N: Buy potatoes! Eat potatoes! Eat potatoes!! 
M: How about we buy some tomatoes? 
I: But you don't even like tomatoes! What shall I do with the tomatoes? 
M: You can cook them for yourself. (And proceeded to pick a few tomatoes for me)

We pass by the fruits section.
M: Let's buy some avocado! And some grapes too. I want to eat grapes tonight. 
N: Eat avocado! Hold avocado! Touch grapes! 

We pass by the ham section.. 
M: Oohh.. I love ham, mama! Buy me some ham, please. Lots of ham! They are my favourite! 
I: Ok, we will buy you some ham. 
M: aww.. thank you mama.. I love you!  (as I place the pack of ham in my basket)  I want to eat a piece now! I want to eat now! I am starving!!! (voice getting louder as he speaks)
I: But we need to pay for it first. How about I give you a slice when we get home? 
M: NOoo! I want to eat now!! I am starving! It is not nice for little kids to be hungry. It is very bad for me! (emphasizing the 'very bad' loudly)

Urgghh!! Try to do this a few times a week...  

It is very funny to read it sitting at a desk, but not so funny when you are pushing a stroller with a screaming tot in it, a heavy basket full of groceries in the other hand and having to keep track of an energetic and enthusiastic kid who can't stop dashing about putting stuff you don't need into your basket.  


monlim said...

Excellent! Kids are so enthusiastic and vocal at this stage. Glad you can see the humour in it!!

Domestic Goddess said...

I try to! It helps to keep me sane. Hah! I am sure you experience this with your kids before. :)

Mel said...

LOL! Chipsy is sooo cute!

monlim said...

All the time! If we can't see the lighter side, we'd all be institionalised by now :P


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