Sunday, October 5, 2008

Current favourite playground

As a member of the Hip Kids Club for over 2 yrs now, we have been going to the playground at Forum on and off and Marcus has always enjoyed it. 

For quite a while, I forgot about our membership and hence we haven't been frequenting it. Recently, we took the kids there again and they had such a blast! In the past, I was constantly following Marcus closely as he was one of the "smaller" kids in the play area and the older ones would always be zooming past him real fast in the bikes and tricycles. Now, he is one of the older ones so I can relax and just watch Chipsy, who is only fascinated with the ball pool area and the playhouse. The kids have been asking to go back there everyday and it has since topped their list of favourite playgrounds.

To pay only $10 for a 2 year membership which allows unlimited access to the indoor playground is an incredible value proposition not to be missed. Besides, the membership comes with all sorts of freebies and promotions, the most attractive of which is a free trial class to Julia Gabriel. Since the boys are so bored with the playgrounds in the condo and neighbourhood, this sure is a good alternative. 


Anonymous said...

hi, how i envy u... ur little one can eat so well. my little one is abt the same age as ur chipsy but many food are still of challenging size and texture to him.

ive been trying to expose him as much as i could despite all the failed attempt. how do u do it?

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi anonymous, I know how you feel as I felt the same before with my #1. I was more anxious before when #1 refused food or didn't eat well but after gaining more parenting experience, now I am rather relaxed with Chipsy even if he doesn't eat well for a few meals.

He may seem to eat really well, in reality, there are many food which he rejects too. But I don't fret much as I know he will accept it one day. He was a really fussy eater before but these days, he eats a lot more variety, just like my #1 who has become a dream eater (basically he eats 90% of whatever I serve him).

I will write more in a proper post ASAP with ideas/tips on how I did it before with my 2 boys and still trying and hopefully my suggestions will be useful to you. Do check in the blog often and watch out for the post.

In the meantime, you may want to scroll through my older posts as I wrote a lot before about their eating and what I did.


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