Thursday, September 25, 2008

Surprise in the bath

Like usual, Chipsy played in the bathtub today after I gave him a wash while I read my stuff in front of him. He usually plays with the assortment of bath toys we have or just keep busy pouring bath water out of the tub. I was inches away from him, engrossed in my reading when he said "Mummy, look!" 

I looked up and it took a second to register what I saw. It made me scream in horror! 

In one of his hands was a brown, banana shaped substance. I couldn't make out what he was holding at first, then he said "Mama, giant poo!" 

Argghhhh!!!  GIANT POO!!  

My baby was holding a giant poo in his hand, with a glee on his face. After I screamed, he panicked and started to frown, not sure what he had done. 

That poor baby. It wasn't funny at all at that time, but now, on hindsight, it is hilarious.  

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